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Biology Education Software FAQ

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Last updated 20th of March, 1999

This site contains descriptions and reviews of some of the better software programs available for teaching biology at the college level. The most recent major update of this site was at the end of February, 1999. Although the february update included most of the programs and leads I've received recently, I know that this FAQ is missing quite a bit of interesting software. If you want more, you should also check some of the other software review sites I list at the top of the FAQ, particularly CIT. Some of the older software that I mention here may no longer be of high enough quality to make it onto this list were I to review it today, so take older reviews with more salt than younger ones. If you would like to help in the reviewing, please contact me. If you have something you'd like me to review, I appreciate receiving emails about products, including attachments of programs, or CD's in the mail. Be warned that it may be a month or three before you see anything appear here, though

I say something about my philosophy on educational software below, but I also say it a lot clearer in an article in the journal Integrative Biology, July 1998. If you wonder how I decide what to include here, and what my biases are in reviewing software, take a look at that article.

I am also a software author and run a company that markets and distributes biology software (both free and for profit). This presents a bit of a conflict of interest. I believe that I am fair, even to software in the same field as the programs I've written, but you can judge for yourself (my most recent program is in the ecology / evolution section - see EcoBeaker).

Finally, BioQuest has a lot of software on their CD, and a lot of it is good. I started writing reviews, but there's too much - check their web site and then just buy their CD, its well worth the price.

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(2) Resources for information on biology education software

See below for web sites devoted to specific areas of biology.

(3) Ecology and Evolution Software

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(5) Cell, Molecular Biology and Genetics

(6) General purpose software useful in education

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Eli Meir was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Predoctoral Fellow while most of this site was constructed.

Thanks to Rees Griffiths of the School of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University for the initial conversion of the FAQ to html.

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