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Biology Education Software FAQ Descriptions and reviews of lots of biology education software, primarily at the undergraduate level. Also has links to other sites with more reviews. FREE
EcoBeaker 2.0 The world's premier program for teaching ecology, conservation biology, and evolution with computer simulations.
EcoBeakerHS A complete rewrite of EcoBeaker for use in secondary schools. FREE for 2000/2001 school year
Ingeneue The first interactive software designed specifically for constructing and analyzing models of genetic networks. FREE
StackViewer (Coming soon) Displays 3-d images from confocal microscopes, and can pick objects (cells, embryos) from these images for further analysis. FREE
The Carman Lake Project Become a manager of a watershed. Very slick with tons of informational movies on all aspects of watersheds and controlling water pollution.
Virtual Forest A CD with 3-d virtual reality views of a Central Hardwoods forest . Students can use an online key to identify trees and practice sampling tree distributions.
Spike Studio An old but still serviceable program for collecting and analyzing neurophysiology data on Macintoshes. FREE

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